Ngoc Quy

Yago Hansen’s beautiful experience as volunteer in a Buddhist orphanage in south Vietnam

This orphanage was founded 15 years ago by a Vietnamese pair that were the owners of a quite new hotel. This hotel was rented to a company that had to manage it and get benefit of it. But after two years there wasn’t any benefit and the company couldn’t pay the rent. They just paid a few months of rent, so the hotel finally returned to the owners. After this happened, a baby was abandoned in front of the hotel’s door, provably because the parents thought that this family was reach enough to give the baby a better life. So, the pair decided to found a Buddhist church inside of the hotel. After that more and more babies were just left in front of the door and they founded the orphanage taking advantage of the hotel’s installations.

Now after some years, the orphanage is fully functional with more than forty children being cared by them. They are all wonderful people plenty of love. I really thank them for the time I spent over there. If you are thinking in contributing with a real world charity organization I really don’t know a better one than this. So please donate any amount and I will transfer it to them, so they will be able to buy baby milk or any necessary stuff. Really thank you for this!