Yago Hansen

Cybersecurity & IT Manager

Recognized authority in IT & Cybersecurity topics. 15+ years experience managing and servicing projects delivering IT & cybersecurity technologies and solutions for the private corporate (Banking, Insurance, Auditors) and public sectors (National Security,  Intelligence, Defense). Ethical hacker specialized in infrastructure and cybersecurity management.

Cloud security operations experience (AWS, DevSecOps, CI/CD) as well as projects management for the design, architecture, implementation, pentesting and auditing of WI-Fi wireless networks. CEO and Project Manager for projects in the area of Technology R&D for IoT Security embedded systems (Linux based).

Expert trainer for international Security Forces, Intelligence and Defense. Author of multiple publications and frequent speaker at many international cybersecurity conferences and forums. Actually he trains offensive hacking and Red Team procedures for the private and public sectors.


Services that I offer as professional freelance

Due to my great self-taught ability, my flexibility to adapt to new projects and because I love learning new stuff, I am fully open to listen to new projects that may be of my interest. I am very used, and I love to learn new stuff (autodidact).

Project Management

Cybersecurity & IT projects.
R&D. Technology. Engineering.

Project Management

More than 30 projects taken to success without penalties!

Red Team

Pentesting & Team management

Red Team

Red team pentesting, team management and trainings for corporations and government agencies.




Advanced and expert trainings for corporations and government agencies.


Cybersecurity & IT Consulting.
Specialized Outsourcing

Consulting Services

Servicing cybersecurity and IT consultancy and auditing services.


Why should I mange your project?


Need to end with a quite perfect result. Very responsible professional.


Best project results are not the expected ones, but the most creative ones.

Technichal Skills

Great communicator, easy to understand but technically skilled. Autodidact


25+ Years experience

30+ Successful projects

Education and trainings

Studies, trainings & certifications

Education is something essential for any professional. Since for a cybersecurity expert is more than necessary, I have been learning every day in my life and I’m still not an expert. Certifications do not show the real skills and knowledge.

INTI Madrid, ES

Online Master Degree
1994 - 1995

Online Master degree with the title “Master in Computing and Software Analysis” in which subjects related to analysis and programming based on Windows systems are taught.

CTEI, Las Palmas, ES

Advanced training
1988 - 1989

Advanced theoreticalpractical training course lasting two years on analysis and programming in COBOL and BASIC languages.

Professional Education

Offensive Security Wireless Professional. OSWP

Offensive Security, Online, 2018

Linux Based Embedded systems

Electratraining, UAM, Madrid, 2015

IT security and anti-hacking techniques

DATANALISIS, Madrid, 2004

Intelligence Support Systems

ISS, Prague, 2012

Oracle SQL 10g DBA

Professional Training, Madrid, 2006

Sentinel NetIQ SIEM Admin

NetIQ, Madrid, 2014

LAN & FTDI structured cabling

Ingesdata Networks, Barcelona, 1999


Professional skills

  • Cybersecurity

  • Project Management

  • Corporate IT

  • Red Team

  • Data Center (On-Premise)

  • Network Admin


  • PKI & PAM

  • SOC & SIEM

  • Embedded Linux & IoT

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Programming

  • Wireless & RF

Technical Knowledge



Language and proficiency level

Professional experience

Jobs and projects as freelance

Experience is a snapshot of our professional past, but it does not demonstrate my capacities or skills, but just the opportunities I got. I always need to be in a constant upgradable position.


WiFense LTD

Founder, CEO

2014 - 2018

WiFense was a startup company founded in 2014 providing Cybersecurity services for international governments. WiFense invented, designed and developed (R+D+i) a communications interception embedded system (HW & SW), sold later for $2.1 million to one of the largest global corporations of Cybersecurity solutions for governments with HQ offices in Israel and USA (Fortune 500 company with 6000+ employees in 180 countries).

Project Manager

2012 - 2014

Managing for three years all the processes from the idea, design and development of the proprietary product for the corporation that acquired it. Each milestone of the project was successfully planed and met thanks to the nice WiFense´s human team.

All deliveries were made in a timely manner and the knowledge was successfully transferred without penalties accomplishing the APA (Asset Purchase Agreement) and accomplishing all the Q&A (Quality Assurance) standards.


Freelance, Contractor

2018 - Presente

Project Manager

Cybersecurity auditor and consultant

Freelance / Contractor working on projects related to cybersecurity for governments, consulting corporations (ex: Capgemini) and medium-sized companies (incident management, pentesting, vulnerability management and security consulting). Management of critical incidents like Web cyberforensic analysis and reports, ransomware corporate attacks, etc.

Red Team

Freelance pentester

2018 - Presente

Internal networks pentester. Red Team

Cybersecurity consultant

Freelance or contractor subcontracted by consulting and auditing corporations to carry out internal Red Team pentests for companies related to the financial and manufacturing sector in Spain.

Professor and trainer


2018 - Presente

Expert cybersecurity trainer for corporations, state security forces, defense and intelligence

  • Professor of cybersecurity for government forces and military intelligence. Colombia, Peru, Chile, Spain, Brazil.
  • Trainer for an initiative that support women integration inside the hacking world “Hacker Girls”. Ministerio TIC Colombia 2017.
  • Trainer for the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) spanish team 2016.
  • Cybersecurity trainer (Brazilian Defense Department) for the protection of the Brazil Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro 2016.
  • U-TAD private university professor in 2015. Madrid. “802.11 Wireless Security”.
  • Professor in the online postgraduate cycle “IT Security & systems hacking applied to computers and networks” in the Rey Juan Carlos University URJC (Madrid).
  • Guardia Civil 2008 – 2009. Advanced expert trainings “IT security & penetration techniques in Wi-Fi networks”. Advanced training for the “creation of “PKI infrastructures” for the integrators of an internal implementation project.
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2009 – 2010. Postgrade professor: “IT security expert”, in the subject of wireless networks.
  • Centre d’Aplicacions TIC. Manresa 2009. “Wi-Fi networks security implementation”.

Stack Overflow


2005 - 2011

Project manager, pentester, solution integrator and trainer

As contractor working primarily for Cybersecurity and forensics companies (Stack Overflow LTD, Grupo Innova and Ondata) for many solution integrations, consulting, pentesting, forensics and international training projects.

During the last years as Project Manager for the design of Cybersecurity and geolocation hardware based IoT products (LTE, Sigfox, LoRA based) for Defense and Insurance sectors.

based on modems and later on Internet. POS and CRM solutions.


Produban, Geoban


Frankfurt, 2011

Data Centre IT-Communication & Security Manager

Management and integration of a banking Data Centre in Frankfurt (Interxion), covering the project from its design to its production state through five different phases. The configuration of Cisco, Checkpoint, F5 and other brands related to communications, security and infrastructure was included, as well as the supervision and testing phase of the fiber optic and copper wiring circuit management.

Last phase consisted in project documentation and asset inventory management (ITAM).

Factum IT

Factum IT


2010 - 2011

Data centre Security & Network Infrastructure integrator

Integration and management of communication and security systems (Cisco, Checkpoint, F5) in data centres in the banking sector, maintenance and expansion in different countries (Germany, Poland, Italy).

Soportec Logo


Founder, IT admin

1997 - 2011

Founder, support technician and integrator

Soportec was a small company offering Professional IT technical support and solution provisioning services for medium-sized companies of many different sectors (Hotels, Perfume shops, Radio Broadcast, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Legal services, etc.).

Soportec identified IT services and solutions related business processes, objectives and needs of the enterprise environment. Soportec located, evaluated and installed telecommunications systems for multi-site companies based on modems and later on Internet. POS and CRM solutions.

Editorial La Ley


Presales Manager

1991 - 1993

Presales engineer. Integrator. Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Spain

Compuley was the pioneering European company for the digitization, indexing and compilation of jurisprudence and legislation data, creating the first legal database in CDROM format for lawyers, judges and any government and legal organizations.

The responsibilities of this position included the presentation of its products to potential clients (sales force), the software and hardware installation of the application and the final trainings.

Schneider Computer Division

Schneider Informática

Presales Manager, IT support

1990 - 1991

Support and implementation engineer. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Schneider was one of the first Personal Computer PC supply companies established in Gran Canaria in the early nineties. The position title was “support engineer and IT implementer of PC computers (architectures 8086 – 8088 – 80286) for computer and RF networks”. This company successfully provided a RF digital radio-packet network project streaming the real-time timing of the Gran Canaria Rally Championship to the organizers and Media HQ.

Schneider provided support and installation of digital data LAN networks (Novell, Datapoint Datalan) and MS-DOS, UNIX & XENIX operating systems.

Books and publications

Some of my publications and editions

I have published a great number of books by different editors and I have collaborated with some other authors in technical books and articles about security and IT networks.

Banner The Hackers Hardware Toolkit

The hacker’s hardware toolkit

Amazon Publishing
Buy now!Download

Compendium of hardware tools for hackers, red teams and security researchers edited in free e-book (github) & paperback format by Amazon Publishing.

Python Scapy Dot11

Amazon Publishing

Buy now!

Python Programming for Wi-Fi pentesters (English edition). New re-mastered English edition of the original Spanish edition for the Anglo-Saxon market edited in e-book & paperback formats by Amazon Publishing.

Hardware & firmware hacking

Editorial Ra-Ma
Buy now!

This book represents the ideal guide to understand the complex world of hacking related to hardware that grows every day in importance. The incredible grown of new Internet connected devices like IoT justifies the need of this kind of hacking technologies.

Practical Wi-Fi and RF networks hacking

Editorial Ra-Ma
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The main goal of this book is try to introduce the readers to the world of hacking, specially related to Wi-Fi networks and other RF data networks with the help of modern SDR devices.

Python Scapy Dot11

Amazon Publishing
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Python Scapy Dot11: Programación en Python Para Pentesters Wi-Fi (Spanish Second edition). This book offers a real solution for all those who love cybersecurity and hacking on Wi-Fi / 802.11 technologies, those who want to learn how to easily program their own tools for pentesting or auditing wireless networks. During the recent years Python has reached a prominent position as one of the bests programming languages for the pentesting, thanks to its simplicity and its wide capabilities. The large number of modules, libraries and examples publicly available permit to easily code any kind of application.

Hacking & Internet security

Editorial Ra-Ma
Buy now!

This new edition of this Spanish hacking “bible” wants to introduce the readers to the world of IT security from the focus of the attacker (hacker) and also from the security administrators, in order to learn how to efficiently apply security policies to reduce the vulnerabilities of their administrated systems and networks.

AAA / RADIUS / 802.1X

Editorial Ra-Ma
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AAA / RADIUS / 802.1X: The only real network security. This book is a great tool for all the IT professionals that need to learn or upgrade their knowledge in authentication based systems, like AAA.


Presence and participation in international Security Conferences

For many years I have been a regular keynote and speaker at some of the main conferences and events in Spain and other countries, actively organizing activities such as CTF and debates.


Amsterdam, NL

CyberSecurity BootCamp

Remote, ES




Defense Air Forces, ES


National Police Academy, ES

Colombian IT Ministry (MinTIC)

Bogotá, CO


Santiago de Chile, CL


Munich, DE

Mundo Hacker Logo

Mundo Hacker Day

Madrid, ES

Mundo Hacker Day Colombia 4.0 Logo

Mundo Hacker Day

Bogotá, CO

  • 2017. With the speech “Hidden transmissions using Wi-Fi protocol” inside “Colombia 4.0” congress
Mundo Hacker Academy Logo

Mundo Hacker Academy

Madrid, ES

Sh3llc0n logo


Santander, ES


Sevilla, ES


Madrid, ES

Buffer Hack

UCM, Madrid, ES

  • 2019. UCM. LibreLab. Bufferhack conferences. Speech “Red Team Labs and procedures”


Barcelona, ES


Vigo, ES


Madrid, ES

Logo honeycon


Guadalajara, ES


Tenerife, ES


Press & Media collaborations

I collaborate regularly and advise on radio, podcast and television programs, as a security expert and ethical hacker, including newscasts (TVE, Cuatro, TeleMadrid), documentals like “Equipo de investigación” (La Sexta), and in some other media like RNE, ABC, El confidencial, etc.

Radio Televisión Española

La Sexta TV

  • 2015. Collaboration and interview for the TV show “Equipo de investigación” in La Sexta TV.
  • 2018. Documentation help for other “Equipo de investigacion” chapters.

TeleCinco TV

Discovery Max TV

Cuatro TV

TeleMadrid TV

Canal 13 Colombia

Radio TV Caracol Colombia

El País Newspaper

El Mundo Newspaper

La Vanguardia Newspaper

ABC Newspaper

El Confidencial Newspaper

Forbes Magazine

20 minutos Newspaper

Europa press Media

  • 2016. Referenced by Europa Press: “There will also be the presence of Yago F Hansen, renowned expert in security in Wi-Fi networks of the television program Mundo Hacker and CEO of WiFense who will give one of the four-hour workshops.

OK diario Newspaper

Diario abierto Newspaper

2016. Interviewed by Lucia Martin about my startup company: “They left the ‘dark side’ and dedicate themselves to training State Security bodies in methods of penetrating Wi-Fi networks. Its flagship product, a data interception system, was sold to an Israeli company.

La Información News

La información

Retina Magazine

El Correo News

El Correo Newspaper

Radio Intereconomia

Radio Inter Economía

Cadena Ser Radio

Radio El Día Tenerife

HelpNetSecurity Media

Tripwire Blog

Computerworld Colombia Magazine

ivoox Audio kiosk

  • 2018. Applelianos community podcast “4×58 Special: Privacy and security of smart speakers”
  • 2018. Cacharradas podcast. “T02E01 – Do our devices listen to us?

Xataka Blog

View on YouTube


This section is the remake of the old web portal Diariodeunhacker.com, created by Yago Hansen in 2007 as a blog dedicated to the diffusion of cybersecurity for the Spanish speaking public. Until 2019 mundohacker resisted online until he decided to remove it from the Internet due to lack of time and because its software got too outdated.


Social collaborations

Yago Hansen has been part of and has collaborated from a very young age with associations and non-profit organizations, NGOs, and collaborating entities.

Ngoc Quy Orphanage Vietnam

Visit galleryVisit YouTube


2019 - 2019

During the year 2019 I undertook a trip to Vietnam with the idea of starting a 45-day period of volunteering in that beautiful country. After a couple of weeks of volunteering as an English teacher for a local organization I discovered the Ngoc Quy orphanage in a depressed area in the Saigon region of southern Vietnam. I offered the Vietnamese couple who run this Buddhist orphanage to volunteer for the children, acting as an English teacher and helping as necessary. I spent almost a month in the orphanage, something that filled me with happiness and inner peace. Thanks Ngoc Quy! If anyone wishes to contribute to the orphanage, I will send their donation to this beautiful community.

Comunidad Ética hacker


2019 - Present

The objective of Hacker Ethics is to educate and protect to prevent cybercrime, serve as a channel of help to affected users and make the hacker community known with its ethical values. My function in this community is to help in the project management.

ASION (oncological children association)


2017 - 2017

Volunteer activities have always filled my soul, but especially those related to children with special needs. After my experience with APANOCA in Tenerife I always wanted to repeat a volunteer with sick children. Volunteer work in this type of association encompasses different functions: the main one is to go to hospitals to play with the children or simply to distract them from their routine, but also to help in fundraising activities, help in administration, etc. The whole experience is worth it.

APANOCA (association of parents of oncological sick children)


22-24 years old

The experience in this association meant a lot to me. APANOCA is an association that helps families with children with cancer to make their child’s illness more bearable. My job was to give support class to Sergio, a wonderful and strong seven-year-old boy with leukemia, coming to his house every week to review the school subjects, since he couldn’t attend class. Sergio beat his cancer!

Marine Red Cross

Marine lifeguard, mariner

13-14 years old

From a very young age I discovered volunteering. At the age of 13 I entered the Red Cross of the sea with the intention of meeting people, learning first aid and obtaining the title of seaman and skipper of inflatable boats. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

International Boy Scouts Group


10-12 years old

From a very young age I joined the Boy Scouts International group in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, doing a lot of activities such as hiking, camping, group activities, volunteering, etc.


Social networks I am active on

Because I love my privacy I am not very active in personal social networks like facebook, instagram and similar ones. But I have been very active in professional ones like LinkedIn and Twitter. I publish a lot of professional content in Twitter, so just follow my Twitter account to keep informed about security news, vulnerabilities, zero days, data leaks, hacktivism. But despite of finding personal data about me!

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