Yago Hansen

The CHANNEL PARTNER Safety Forum brings together manufacturers, wholesalers and partners. Increasingly common in companies are all kinds of information loss, information theft, information breakdown … everything related to the extraction of data from an organization. Yago Hansen, ethical hacker and co-founder of Mundo Hacker, at the opening of the Security Forum, pointed out that today 41% of hackers are dedicated to ransomware because it is a “great business”; while 27% of the attacks come from insiders -for example, employees-; 26% have a political motivation; and 24% point to cyber warfare. “There are beginning to be real cyberwar acts between governments, attacking each other in a hidden way, like a Cold War, testing tools to know their scope. This has been the case of NotPetya and WannaCry, and these are experiments that we will see more and more, “said Hansen.