Cybersecurity in remote work

Currently, almost all companies of a certain size provide employees with work tools such as secure platform laptops, VPNs for remote connection to the intranet, remote access protection, remote access infrastructures, etc. All this means that a company that is already prepared to work remotely will not have any variation or loss of security in its remote access policies.

Covid-19 coronavirus

Privacy and COVID-19

One of the most important, most private and most protected types of personal data by fundamental rights, by international laws and by private organizations must always be that of a health nature. A pandemic, which is a threat that we have previously faced, although now in a fully digital era, is not sufficient reason to modify this fundamental right of each individual. Justifying the benefits of digitizing everything is not enough reason to renounce inalienable rights that protect us from digital totalitarianism.

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Hello world!

This is my first post inside blog. I wish to thank you to visit my personal website and to show interest in my profile and career. I decided to create this profile website because I really don’t feel so comfortable with social networks, even using professional ones like LinkedIn or Twitter. It seems a…