Yago Hansen is a recognized authority in IT & cybersecurity topics. He successfully managed projects related to the design of Security technologies and devices for the private corporate (baking, insurance, auditors) and public sectors (government security, defense). Ethical hacker specialized in delivery of infrastructure and network management. During the last years he has focused on wireless and RF technologies, having successfully managed projects in design, architecture, implementation, pentesting and auditing of Wi-Fi wireless networks. He successfully managed hotspot based infrastructure, multi-point and point-to-point-technologies, mesh and other 802.11 based technologies. He successfully managed a lot of projects related to the design of IT security embedded systems (Linux based) IoT. He is an expert trainer for the government security forces, intelligence and defense and he also authored multiple publications and is a frequent speaker in international security conferences and forums. Actually he teaches about offensive hacking and Red Team procedures for the private and public sectors.

Mundo Hacker Radio Podcast

Desde el año 2007, mis colegas Antonio Ramos Varón y Jean Paul García Morán dirigen un programa de Radio On-Line dedicado a todos los temas relativos al hacking y seguridad en entornos IT. Este programa llamado “Mundo Hacker” ha sido desde sus comienzos grabado y emitido en la emisora de Radio on-line Radiouniverso.es con gran difusión. Desde sus inicios este programa cuenta con otros muchos colaboradores, como Rubén, Maikel, Yanko, Alberto y finalmente Yago Hansen.

Cybersecurity in remote work

Currently, almost all companies of a certain size provide employees with work tools such as secure platform laptops, VPNs for remote connection to the intranet, remote access protection, remote access infrastructures, etc. All this means that a company that is already prepared to work remotely will not have any variation or loss of security in its remote access policies.

Covid-19 coronavirus

Privacy and COVID-19

Covid-19 coronavirus One of the most important, most private and most protected types of personal data by fundamental rights, by international laws and by private organizations must always be that of a health nature. A pandemic, which is a threat that we have previously faced, although now in a fully digital era, is not sufficient reason to modify this fundamental right of each individual. Justifying the benefits of digitizing everything is not enough reason to renounce inalienable rights that protect us from digital totalitarianism.

Hack In The Box 2019

Yago Hansen Charla en el congreso internacional Hack In The Box 2019. Amsterdam. Holanda. Además presentación del libro “The hacking hardware toolkit” y stand en el congreso HITB Armory is a dedicated area for independent researchers to show of their projects, run their demos, and allow you to play around with their awesome security tools!

El Mundo News

Yago Hansen tells his opinion in this article in the newspaper El Mundo. They are capable, yes, but they raise their profession of hackers from an ethical point of view and not cybercriminal. “If you want to know about security, you have to know how a thief acts,” Hansen said in a recent interview. This…

Forbes 2016

The journalist Lucía Martín has written an article on the deep web with the help of hackers Yago Hansen and Yanko Kolev. “In the conventional network, in each communication, my public IP appears, which is like my home address on the Internet. Through Tor Browser, which is the easiest program to navigate this network, your…

Hacker Girls Colombia 2018

With the support of the Universidad del Rosario, MinTIC launched the first international training program for Colombian women in hacking tools: methodologies and techniques that expand knowledge and skills related to cybersecurity. Yago Hansen was the hacker in charge of the initial formation of this group.The beneficiaries are students and professionals from careers such as…


Be careful when connecting to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection … because if we DO NOT protect our home we may be victims of digital theft … And it is not just that a neighbor can connect to our ADSL. The worrying thing is that someone may commit crimes on our behalf by taking…

El Pais Newspaper

Yago Hansen, a Spanish hacker with experience in the sector, explains how the exchange works: “You tell the vulnerability to these companies and they assess it according to the exploitation capacity it has.” When the company acquires the vulnerability, it turns it into an exploit, a malicious program to take advantage of the discovered flaw,…

Equipo de investigación

The TV program “Research team” of the Sixth covers research topics and news. Where it seems that nothing is happening there is something to tell, the issue that seems resolved hides a surprise, the well-known character has a hidden face … and there is the Research Team. Yago Hansen participates as an interviewed expert or…

C1b3rWall 2019

Charla en el I congreso C1b3rWall organizado por la Academia de la Policía Nacional. Avila. Spain. Participación como ponente con la charla “Hardware para Hackers y cuerpos de seguridad del estado” para introducir a los cuerpos en el uso de herramientas de hardware para el hacking.

The Hacker’s Hardware Toolkit

The best collection of hardware gadgets for Red Team hackers, pentesters and security researchers! It covers more than one hundred of tools classified in eight different categories (Minicomputers, RF, Wi-Fi, NFC/RFID, HID/Keyloggers, Network, BUS, Accessories), to make it easier to search and to browse them.This is NOT a commercial catalog, even if it looks like…

La 2 Noticias

The 2 Noticias de Radio Televisión Española is the most reliable news network in Spain. In 2016 they made a short report about cybersecurity news at Mundo Hacker Day 2016 in which Yago Hansen participates by showing their developments.


HelpNetSecurity added an interview of Yago Hansen about hardware hacking. Do you have what it takes to be a hardware hacker? If you ask Yago Hansen, a hacker specialized in Wi-Fi and RF security, curiosity and a willingness to learn and improve your skills are the two things that you absolutely must have to embark…

Los desayunos TVE

‘TVE breakfasts’, a new stage in which the gathering, analysis and interview space will seek to go out more on the street, to move to the places where the news occurs. Yago Hansen was interviewed about hacking techniques on this TV information show.

Hacking y seguridad en Internet

Editorial Ra-Ma, 2011. La pretensión de este nuevo libro actualizado es la de introducir a los lectores en el mundo de la seguridad de TI, desde el punto de vista del atacante o hacker y del que tiene la responsabilidad de implementar políticas de seguridad y así intentar reducir las vulnerabilidades de sus sistemas y…

Digital Security Forum Colombia 2017

David Luna Digital security is a topic on the agenda of the Colombian government. Proof of this was the Digital Security Forum: Trust and Co-responsibility, held by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) in Bogotá. In this, the ICT Minister David Luna, together with a panel of international experts, spoke about the importance of education…

Hacking hardware and firmware

Editorial Ra-Ma, 2016. Este libro representa la guía ideal para lograr entender este complejo mundo del hacking enfocado al hardware, que crece cada día en importancia a pasos agigantados. La aparición constante de nuevos sistemas electrónicos como IoT (Internet de las cosas), y la gran presencia de todo tipo de aparatos que controlan nuestras vidas,…

Mundo Hacker TV RTVE

New technologies and the Internet are with us twenty-four hours a day, and the number of devices connected to the network is growing. But the number of threats related to these technologies also increases: from cyber-scams to theft of information. Users need to be aware of these risks to learn how to detect them and…

Telenoticias TeleMadrid

Yago Hansen collaborated with several stages in the investigation of the case of the missing teenager Diana Querr, about the mobile smartphone found in very poor condition in an estuary. TeleMadrid asked for his collaboration in order to explain the case in their TeleNoticias news.