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In this installment of Security Talks we speak with Yago Hansen, an expert in cybersecurity, and one of the most recognized specialists in wireless networks and Wi-Fi hacking.

With it we analyze some of the latest news, how USB Killer can literally destroy a computer, melt it down and about what it means to be a hacker, how the concept has evolved in a few years.

GlobbSecuirty Black Logo
GlobbSecuirty Black Logo

We also talk about privacy controversies, and how governments obtain (and claim) information from companies. But if we talk about privacy, we cannot forget WhatsApp and its encryption, has it improved in security?

And of course, we are talking about the latest ways to attack using Wi-Fi, a vulnerable technology if you know where to attack, and which continues to evolve. We can see Yago at Mundo Hacker Day on April 28, where he will give his talk on identifying people in a Wi-Fi honeypot that will not leave anyone indifferent.

In Security Talks Mónica Valle interviews in direct to experts in computer security on the current situation of the sector.