David Luna

Digital security is a topic on the agenda of the Colombian government. Proof of this was the Digital Security Forum: Trust and Co-responsibility, held by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) in Bogotá. In this, the ICT Minister David Luna, together with a panel of international experts, spoke about the importance of education and the good use of information technologies. This is due to the recent cyber attack episodes that have occurred in various countries of the world.

Yago Hansen, Spanish expert in ethical hacking, highlighted the responsibility of the Colombian Government in educating its citizens about online care. Likewise, it recommended that MinTIC generate a network of technical and tactical support with the other ministries.

«Education in the cyber world can be compared to sex education. All children and young people learn to handle a cell phone at an early age. Then they have social networks and their only teaching is chats with their friends. They don’t go to parents to learn, because that’s what they have their friends for. The same is true in sex education. First they learn what they see outside the home and what they talk to their friends. Without a doubt this is a generational change that has many challenges to overcome, “Hansen exemplified.

For this reason, the expert assured that the responsibility goes from educational institutions, passes through the family and culminates in government entities. And this is when he highlights that in Colombia the inhabitants are privileged to have government plans focused on cyber defense. “These legal regulations, over time, must become a state policy, not a simple policy,” he added.

con el viceministro de TIC de Colombia,
Daniel Quintero